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Welcome to Next Level Real Estate School

A Modern Day
Real Estate School...
and MUCH More

We offer a new age take on real estate. You’ll complete your classes with the tools and systems to potentially earn a six-figure income within your first year!

Get your required classroom hours and credits to take the state exam to be licensed but instead of 2 ½ weeks we will take you through a robust 12-week program giving you boots on the ground experience. With our hands-on teaching and learning approach, you graduate with a leg up on your competition.

Work Together, Grow Together

Weeks with
Traditional School
Weeks with
Next Level

Knowledge & Expertise from

25 Years of Combined Experience in All Aspects of Real Estate

Take a look at the class topics broken down by week below.

Weeks 1-4
Week 1: Commitment to Success and Expectations
Week 2: Learning the Systems
Week 3: Mastering the Systems
Week 4: The Ins & Outs of Representing Buyers
Weeks 5-8
Week 5: The Ins and Outs of representing Sellers
Week 6: Scripts
Week 7: Buyer's Consultation
Week 8: Listing Presentations
Weeks 9-12
Week 9: How to Lead Generate
Week 10: Mastermind with Local Professionals
Week 11: Nurturing a Database
Week 12: Review and Schedule State Exam

We Provide

Tools for Success

When you complete Next Level Real Estate School, you have the required classroom hours, credits to take the state exam, along with the boots on the ground experience. This includes a database, book of scripts, field experience, and more to potentially earn a six-figure income in year one.

Next Level

  • 12 weeks
  • Meet required classroom hours
  • Experience showing a house
  • Finish class with a database
  • Hands-On Real Estate Experience


  • 2 weeks
  • Meet required classroom hours
  • Read how to show a house
  • Talk about databases
  • Read/Listen About Real Estate Experiences